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03-Dec-2017 21:34

Harvey Weinstein’s seemingly unending history of sexual misconduct.

Vietnamese model and former actress Vu Thu Phuong is the latest woman to open up about a distressing encounter with the producer. It’s time that I liberate myself,” she wrote in a Facebook post, translated in Saigoneer.

This may be intentional, as the viewer can begin to feel the sway of the other characters' wills as John weakens -- sort of a pan out -- but I feel the impact of Vivian's final decision is less felt because of this.

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I don't like to be put through the jerky, fuzzy picture experience for nonsensical reasons.“I was thinking at the moment that if he were to rape me or kill me, would anybody find out and stop him? She hopes other performers will continue to expose the entertainment industry’s sexual-harassment problem.